Conveyors for Construction

Conveyors for Construction

Conveyors have many uses and suit lots of industries and applications but they work especially well for construction projects regardless of their complexity or size. 

They offer flexibility and mobility enabling materials to be moved on to, across and off-site easily even where there are steep inclines, constrained access or other issues on site. 

So what are the advantages of using a conveyor for your construction and build project?

Firstly, conveyors offer real project, time and cost efficiencies. Instead of using wheelbarrows or other ways of manually handling materials across site, conveyors make life so much easier, speeding up the process, moving higher quantities of material and increasing hourly throughput dramatically. Using conveyors reduces cost, enabling your construction team to focus on other tasks.

With the ability to handle bulk materials especially within tight spots or complex sites, conveyors offer a safer and cleaner way of moving what you want to. It removes the need for heavy lifting, reducing potential injuries and downtime. 

No two construction sites are the same but modular conveyors enable each unique site to be supported, giving you the opportunity to have whichever configuration of conveyors you need to get the job done.  Conveyors are particularly beneficial where there are constrained sites with tight access or access onto a pavement and help to protect the public by feeding materials directly into a lorry or skip.  They can also bring materials up safely and efficiently across different levels rather than manually moving bulk materials. 

Conveyors are cost-effective.  Whether you are renting or buying a conveyor for your construction and build project, they reduce labour and operating time, offering you a materials movement solution exactly when you need it and because conveyors use electricity they potentially reduce running costs. 

Lastly, conveyors are robust, durable and reliable.  They can move heavy materials across sit regardless of how difficult the site might be and are specifically designed to make sure that, particularly within construction and build projects, they are fit for purpose, enabling soil, rubble, aggregates, and other materials to be moved safely and efficiently. 

Coveya design, manufacture and supply a range of modular conveyors that are perfect for all types of construction projects.  To find out more contact our Sales team on 0800 915 9195. 


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