Conveyors on a Construction site. Really?

Conveyors on a Construction site.  Really?

When you think of a construction site, you probably think of people in brightly colour hard hats, high vis jackets, dumper trucks and diggers but conveyors have a place too and can sometimes be overlooked.

For construction sites where soil, rubble, demolition materials or bagged asbestos needs to be moved, conveyors offer a safe and efficient solution.  It helps to reduce the need for manual labour and wheeled equipment and can handle materials across what can sometimes be a challenging or constrained site with ease.

So why aren’t contractors using conveyors to their full advantage especially when there are over 325,000 of them in the UK alone?

There is a legacy on a great many building sites for soil and other construction materials to be moved by anything other than a conveyor and so it might be ‘better the devil you know’ but for many projects, modular conveyors offer the portability, efficiency and flexibility that contractors need to clear sites ready for their new lease of life.  There might also be a misconception that conveyors are expensive but with some of our conveyor systems available for short or long term hire, they offer a practical solution when it’s needed most. 

They can be installed and maintained on-site without worrying about too much downtime.  They can help to transport materials away from site, directly into lorries without worrying about the risk to passers-by and they can enable material movement even at inclines which most labourers would find a struggle. 

With construction sites coming back to life and with an increase in productivity, cost, and efficiency still being a critical part of any project, construction needs to embrace the power of conveyors and take advantage of its many benefits especially when the Coveya team are here waiting to help.

For more information on our range of specialist conveyors for the construction industry, click here.  You can also call Ron Farr our construction sector specialist on 0800 915 9195 or email


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