Conveyors will always keep things moving

Conveyors will always keep things moving

It’s a worrying time for all of us as Coronavirus spreads across the world especially as it may have a significant impact on how and where we work.  But, just like the British ‘stiff upper lip’ the world is still turning and businesses need to carry on the best they can during these unprecedented times. 

For Coveya, it is very much business as usual and we have put plans in place, like every other good business, to ensure that we deliver what our customers need whilst protecting and supporting our staff.

However, we have a product that can really play its part in keeping construction and other sectors moving as and when they are affected by the loss of staff going through self-isolation or illness.

Our conveyors can’t get sick.  They can however eliminate such downtime, moving soil, rubble, aggregates, recycling, and other materials to, from and across your site, minimising the need for labour and offering a sustainable, safe and portable solution. 

With conveyors of many widths, lengths and inclines, our range of conveyors are available for hire or purchase and we can get conveyors to you as quickly as you need them (in most cases) so with a cost and time-efficient way of dealing with the impact that COVID-19 is and may bring, we can help you keep your project on track so that the wheels of British industry keep on moving along.

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