Coveya Make It On The Big Screen..!

Coveya Make It On The Big Screen..!

Culdees castle contacted Coveya in January 2022, in need of a conveyor for a very exciting project. They had been selected to be featured in a new documentary series on Channel 4 ‘Renovation Nation’. This is where Coveya come in!

You see, no renovation job is easy, unless you have the help of our Invader 45 conveyor at hand to help with the heavy lifting and moving.

Culdees castle have had our conveyor on hire since early January. The team at Culdees Castle Estate have been working tirelessly throughout the year, doing an incredible job renovating the beautiful estate.

But now the time has finally come! Renovation Nation is airing weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4, starting from 3rd October!

All of use here at Coveya are so excited with our involvement of our Invader 45 conveyor in such an exciting project! We cannot wait to tune in and watch the project come to life. A massive well done and congratulations to all those involved on the project at Culdees Castle Estate!  

Stay tuned to our social media channels to find out more.


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