Did you know we can handle luggage?

Did you know we can handle luggage?

Our conveyors support a vast range of applications and industries across the land but one thing that you may not know is that our Easibelt conveyor is the perfect solution for Airports that are looking for either a temporary or permanent baggage handling conveyor solution.

The Easibelt delivers a flexible, reliable, compact, high-quality conveyor solution that is designed specifically with industrial applications in mind.

It has over 20 standard lengths from 0.9m – 12.9m, belt widths of 300mm, 600mm or 900mm and its a static unit which can be loaded by hand. More importantly, it is available for purchase, short or long term hire with quick dispatch.

Why go to the expense of a bespoke conveyor solution when the Easibelt might offer you the efficient but robust conveyor solution you need? So, as we start to ‘return to normal’ and people turn their attention to safe holidays in far-flung destinations, we can offer a conveyor solution that will handle all their baggage and more.

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