I can do it faster!

I can do it faster!

“I can do it faster!” How often do you hear this phrase?

At Coveya, when speaking to our prospective clients who need a better solution for moving volumes of material, we quite regularly hear things like:

  • “I can do it faster with a digger!”
  • “It’s not as fast as using a dumper though, is it?”
  • “Conveyors are a slow way of doing it. I’ll just get some guys with barrows on that job!”

Well… the saying that you learn something new every day couldn’t apply more in this case because without fail, those that utter these statements with such conviction are soon quite willing to change their views once they’ve been savvy enough to try using a conveyor for moving material onsite just once!

Game changer

Paradigm shift. Definition: a time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes.

An increasing number of construction, demolition and civil engineering companies across the UK are turning to conveyor belts for help in handling material on-site. This is not surprising as there are some very solid reasons why conveyors are causing this paradigm shift in materials handling.


Imagine you are excavating on a site and the spoil needs to be moved out to a stockpile elsewhere onsite or maybe an even more challenging task – directly into muck-away trucks. Between the digger and the trucks you might have 50m+ distance and different levels to encounter. On top of that there are some structural steels that make wheeled plant a nightmare to operate and oh.. what about those low hanging high voltage cables!? Get the drift..?

Excavating onsite with spoil moved into muck-away trucks

Conveyors fast-tracking spoil removal from an open dig basement project

Now imagine a conveyor system in place between your loading and unloading points that is compact and can be positioned carefully onsite to allow other tasks to continue unhindered? It can move spoils up different levels, under, over and around those fixed obstacles with ease. That conveyor belt is moving at 1 metre per second (A bit hard to visualize if you’ve never seen this but believe me its fast!) Loading machines now don’t have to wait for a dumper or wheelbarrow to return, all they have to worry about is keeping up with the conveyor! I’ve seen veteran 360 operators start to change their opinion of conveyors after a few minutes of loading one of our conveyors with their trusty old CAT or Hitachi!

Excavating onsite conveyor efficiency

Conveyor system making spoil removal fast and safe


Belt conveyors, when properly guarded (Coveya equipment is all guarded to the correct spec) are considerably safer than wheeled plant or your workers sweating it out with wheelbarrows bringing the customary slips, trips and strains.


Belt conveyors don’t throw sickies, don’t take breaks and as long as your power supply is good and you treat the conveyor right (the way we train you to) then nowadays belt conveyor equipment is very reliable. And not just ours, even the little units you can get from the big national renters are reasonably good now providing they are suitable for your project (ask us if in doubt; we are here to help). Mechanically there is less to go wrong on a conveyor system than a dumper or digger and if a fault does arise it can be identified quickly, often by the operator – Keeping It Stunningly Simple is as important to us as Keeping You Moving.

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