If I hire a conveyor will it save me money?

If I hire a conveyor will it save me money?

There is no doubt that conveyors offer a range of efficiencies both in cost and time. They are safe, sustainable, portable and robust. 

Is Hiring a Conveyor System a Money Saver?

Instead of paying money for labour and taking the time to move whatever you need to via hand, wheelbarrow, dumpers or buckets, conveyors can speed it all up and are particularly effective if you have a complex or constrained site.

So if you are looking to move materials to, from and across your site and you need a temporary solution, why don’t you think about hiring a conveyor?  There are a couple of things to think about.

Firstly, how many labourers will you need to get the job done and what do you need them to do?  If its a question of moving materials from one place to another, a conveyor can easily do that reducing labour cost and time. 

Secondly, how far do I need to move the materials? Conveyors are modular and so they can span a wide range of distances, widths, and inclines.  It’s not just about how far the materials need to be moved but also how they are transported off-site and that’s when conveyors really come into their own.

Any container or vehicle that carries site materials from one place to another, must come back empty in order to collect another load. This means that 50% of their working time is non-productive. That’s not including the time when it is stationary being emptied and refilled.

By contrast, a conveyor offers a constant loading surface for 100% of the time it’s running giving maximum productivity.

Even a smaller conveyor will comfortably out-work three site labourers (even when they’re working at an unsustainable pace), and larger conveyors can shift significantly more material than site dumpers could ever move in the same time period! The more labourers you have the more money you can potentially save not only in moving materials but also in hire and administration costs!

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