It’s Not Just About Great Conveyors

It’s Not Just About Great Conveyors

Over the past 30 year’s Coveya has developed a reputation for excellence – excellence in the quality of the conveyors offered for rent or purchase, for innovation and bespoke design and for the service offered to customers.

We offer a seamless service; from initial inquiry to the collection of a conveyor and everything in between

We don’t just supply a conveyor and think nothing more of it, we make sure it’s fit for purpose, supplying what is needed depending on the materials being moved, the complexity of the site and how long you need the conveyor for, and in some case, saving time and money.

With a free onsite visit and quotation through to advice on which conveyor is best for your site, delivery, installation, maintenance, servicing, parts & collection – there is someone guiding the order to ensure that our customers have what they need when they need it most and there is always someone on hand to offer practical and technical support.

That level of advice, support, and service come from years of experience working closely with customers and understanding how conveyors support a vast range of industries and applications throughout the UK and further afield.  It also comes from a real commitment to retain customers, building a reputation of trust, service, respect and quality.

From moving straightforward basement excavation, demolition, and construction materials to complex and challenging sites with and incline or constrained access, Coveya are experts in providing the right conveyor even when an operation or site needs to carry on when capital works are taking place around it.  

Whatever you need a conveyor for, Coveya will offer the best advice and support and you can be safe in the knowledge that every step of the way you will, as a Coveya customer, receive a service that means there is no downtime, only increased productivity.

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