Keeping the movement of ballast on track

Keeping the movement of ballast on track

Coveya has been supplying conveyors to the rail industry for quite a while and we’ve been involved in some really interesting projects to improve, expand, and demolish platforms and tunnels.  In fact, we’re really rather good at that, working around the clock with project teams to get the job done, but we are also ‘dab-hands’ at moving ballast across levels, supporting track maintenance. 

Wheeled & Tracked Stockpile Conveyor Solutions

We recently supplied our wheeled and tracked stockpilers on a two-week hire for a project over the River Perret near Taunton.

Following a free onsite survey,  K.G.J Price Rail Limited, a specialist railway company that manufactures, installs, maintains, and repairs railway tracks throughout the UK, needed to move a large amount of ballast from ground level to a raised railway line at a height of 6.38m. 

With efficiency being their number one aim, the stockpilers offered the perfect alternative to the traditional ballast movement method using RRV and trailers, which for this project wasn’t possible and to make sure that everything went to plan on-site, our engineers were there throughout, overseeing the operation across eight-hour shifts. 

Our Invader 45 conveyor has also been extensively on trackside rail projects, moving materials from the track to the platform edge, enabling a portable conveyor solution that is time and cost-efficient.

With so much going on in the world at the moment, one thing is constant – the need to keep our railway network up to speed so that we can all get to and from where we need to be. 

With conveyors that have been specifically designed with rail in mind, Coveya can help wherever they are needed – offering a flexible, efficient, and sustainable material movement solution that will eliminate downtime, passenger & service disruption, enabling rail projects throughout the land to keep on track.  We are also a preferred supplier to Network Rail so that’s a bonus!

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