Interesting Facts About Biomass

Interesting Facts About Biomass

Biomass is critical to the future of renewable energy and it already forms part of the Government energy strategy, creating 25% of the UK’s renewable energy needs by the end of this year (2020).

Biomass really means the cost-effective conversion of organic waste into energy which includes; food waste, animal waste, poultry litter, pellets and logs, manure, sewage waste, and even potatoes!  The waste is burned to make heat or steam that can then operate a turbine, making electricity.

It’s cheap to produce compared with both traditional and renewable forms of energy and the infrastructure to process organic materials into energy offers significant savings.  It’s also pretty much carbon neutral as the carbon dioxide released when burning biomass crops was already extracted by a plant during its lifetime!

Biomass can be produced all over the UK, reducing transport costs and waste going to landfill and it can offer an income stream to farmers that can make the most of their organic agricultural waste. 

So how can conveyors support the production of biomass?

Coveya modular conveyors can be configured across a site to optimise space (even where space is limited) and ensure the efficient movement of organic materials ready for the biomass process.  It can respond to the variability of the materials being moved, providing a consistent and constant flow, enabling waste sorting, moving materials to the next process before it is converted into energy. 

They are safe and reliable, increasing productivity supporting the cost advantages that biomass can bring.  They can reduce the need for manual handling, providing a practical material movement solution, enabling farmers to implement their own biomass processing operation, making more use of their own organic waste, achieving an income from their own biomass output. 

With conveyors available for hire and purchase, each one of which is supported by expert installation, servicing & parts, for any farmer looking to improve, expand or create a biomass operation, we can help.  With years of experience in supplying conveyors for the movement of all types of materials across a vast range of applications, we work with our customers to find the best solution, enabling them to install conveyors that are fit for purpose.

For more information about our range of conveyors for Farming & Biomass click here.  You can also call Barry Thompson on 0800 915 9195


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