The explosion of belt conveyors in construction

The explosion of belt conveyors in construction

If you are a construction professional and you haven’t yet spotted that up and down the UK, belt conveyors are popping up all over construction, deconstruction and civil engineering sites, then may we respectfully request this opportunity to draw your attention to the facts…?

Why is this happening?

It’s true! But why is this happening? Well, being right in the vanguard of this change of thinking which is partly due to our amazing team at Coveya Ltd; I do understand some of the drivers at work here. These are:

1. Efficiency

If spoil is being continually produced in one area and needs to be moved just as continuously to another area (typically a means of removal from site altogether), then there is no quicker way of achieving this. On virtually any of the thousands of contracts Coveya Ltd have worked on, the other machines on site have struggled to keep up with the belt we supply. Loading machines now don’t have to wait for a dumper or wheelbarrow to return, all they have to worry about is keeping up with the conveyor!

2. Safety

A correctly guarded conveyor with regulation stop switches is a static and intrinsically safe piece of site equipment. Everyone knows that there is no pinch point more dangerous than the wheels of heavy plant. And manual handling is literally 100’s of years out of date!

3. Reliability

Belt conveyors don’t throw sickies, don’t take breaks and as long as your power supply is good and you treat the conveyor right (the way we train you to) then nowadays belt conveyor equipment is very reliable. And not just ours, even the little units you can get from the big national renters are reasonably good now providing they are suitable for your project (ask us if in doubt; we are here to help)

4. Cost-effectiveness

My colleague Richard Herbert recently wrote a good article on this, so check out his recent activity and have a look. Basically a 10m (30′) long belt conveyor will cost you substantially less than a labourer per week and is capable of producing exponentially more in terms of output.

Only a few simple facts but these are compelling in your marketplace right now!

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