UK Demolition is a £1bn industry

UK Demolition is a £1bn industry

Between 2014 – 2019 the demolition industry saw 17.4% growth and in 2019 it employed over 10,000 people, with over 750 businesses delivering demolition or related services including interior strip-outs*.

The industry seems to have reached its peak in 2016/17** when the top 20 largest demolition companies grew by nearly 30%, breaking the £1bn income level for the first time and pre-tax profits increased by on average 70%.  But since then both turnover and profit have noticeably decreased and with COVID-19, lock-down and its aftermath thrown into the mix.

What does the future look like for the UK’s demolition industry?

It seems that some firms are casualties of the past few months and it’s so sad to see good, established businesses and staff taking the brunt of what COVID-19 is leaving behind, but for those demolition companies that are set to survive, the trend seems to be that if they can deliver a complete and board range of demolition services, they are more likely to succeed. 

For mid to larger sized demolition companies it may not just be about demolition anymore.  The road to growth might be paved with the ability to offer complementary services like groundwork, substructure, and superstructure construction.

If all of that is true, how to conveyors fit in? Well, Coveya has been supporting British demolition contractors for years, supplying conveyors that can move everything from soil to bulk demolition materials, even when faced with complex and challenging sites.  So, with the need to think about a seamless service, cost, and time efficiencies, conveyors enable a practical and flexible solution for projects that are either focused on demolition alone or those that need to include groundworks and other site preparation services. 

With costs being the sticking point for so many customers and the need to add real value to each project, conveyors help demolition contractors be competitive, safe, and sustainable, secure in the knowledge that whatever material movement is required on-site, a conveyor can handle it. 

With seven conveyors to choose from that specifically support the demolition industry and with the best customer care, training,  maintenance, and servicing, Coveya really does lead the way in supporting the demolition industry both now and in the future and with conveyors available for short/long term hire and for purchase, offering flexibility when it’s needed is what we do best. 

For more information about our range of conveyors for the demolition industry click here, call Ron Farr on 0800 915 9195

References: [*IBIS World report/**The Construction Index]


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