We’ve launched Mist-Safe

We’ve launched Mist-Safe

The Coveya team is delighted to have launched Mist-Safe, a sanitiser unit that can be added to an existing or new gravity roller conveyor, enabling the efficient sanitisation of boxes and cartons.  

With its innovative design, it removes the risk from deliveries to and from customers enabling cartons and packages to be continuously disinfected within the protected tunnel before they are dispatched or stored.  
Mist-Safe can sanitise up to 360 boxes per hour [4000 boxes per day] with a minimal cost per box of 1p (including disinfectant and power).  As a distributor, if you want to pass on this cost to your customer, you could charge 2p per box (with the system paid for in 350 days); 3p per box (with the system paid for in 175 days) or 4p per box (with the system paid for in just 116 days, within six months if operating five days per week!).  There are cost savings to be had even if you don’t run at a 4000 box a day capacity with the disinfectant being recycled if it’s not used.

The Coveya design team came up with this unique product to not only help customers during the COVID-19 crisis but also enable them to future proof and prevent any further infection or spread of a virus

Key features include:

  • Operational Safety & Ease of Use – easily operated with push-button controls and with its ‘plug and play’ design it can be installed quickly and efficiently
  • Product Integrity – the sanitiser spray does not saturate or damage cartons as it passes through the unit.  A sensor at one end of the tunnel will recognise that a product is entering the conveyor and will action the mist at the right time. If nothing else is fed into the tunnel it will shut down after 10 seconds
  • Versatility – This mobile system can be a simple addition to an existing conveyor system or it can be hand-fed with ease
  • Residual Action – The sanitiser continues to kill viruses and bacteria once applied which means it can still be actively working during transit and multiple touchpoints
  • Mist-Safe was initial designed to help businesses protect products during the current COVID-19 crisis however, it can also help to future proof and mitigate the spread of any future infections and virus, helping you to reassure your customers that you are doing all you can to make your products safe

It’s perfect for any business, particularly food and pharmaceutical distributors, that want to efficiently and cost-effectively sanitise boxes and cartons before dispatch. 

It’s available to order now with delivery throughout the UK so more information contact the Sales team on 0800 915 9195 or click here.


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