What makes the Invader 45 so different?

What makes the Invader 45 so different?

You may have seen our heard about our groundbreaking Invader 45 portable conveyor and how it is 50% more powerful than other conveyors in its class but did you know why Coveya decided to design, manufacture and supply a conveyor that now leads the way, globally?

The Coveya team understood from its years of experience supplying conveyors to the construction industry that there was a real need to develop a product that was robust, flexible and mobile, supporting constrained sites.  It was also important to manufacture a conveyor that Coveya could use within its own hire fleet as well as filling the gap in the temporary conveyor market between mini-conveyors and the more specialist models such as the Easikit 450 and so with the advent of the Invader45 rental depots could support its customers with a new field conveyor that could handle a variety of applications – enabling them to expand and improve their hire conveyor offering. 

The market was ready for a ‘plug & play’, ready to use conveyor, capable of being loaded with an excavator all day long while handling large volumes of material.  Customers also needed a quality portable belt conveyor system that could reliably perform a range of duties and applications.

So what’s the difference between the Invader 45 and other conveyors in its class?

It has a 1.5kw 110v Drive which offers twice the power of existing models and is simply configured for reliability.  The Invader45 has a unique belt design enabling performance at much steeper inclinations and its heavy-duty HDPE Slider Bed is impact-resistant and easy to maintain with no rollers.  It also has a closed-frame design enabling the material to be kept out of the conveyor framework.

Its pneumatic wheeled undercarriage gives fantastic maneuverability and stable support and its large, open-mouthed, removable hopper doesn’t restrict material flow onto the belt.  The Invader45 has been designed specifically for excavator loading rather than shovels or wheelbarrows.

Invader 45 is easy to maintain with a slot in control panel.  It does not have any rollers or inverters and it’s specifically designed for machine loading.  It is perfect for steep inclines and rough terrains with a powerful, direct-drive mechanism for reliable performance. Finally, it has a fast belt for maximum throughput and its available to hire or buy directly from either Coveya or our range of national and international distributors. 

To find out more contact a member of the sales team on 0800 915 9195.


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