Will sneeze screens be part of our life now?

Will sneeze screens be part of our life now?

As we are all finding our way through this period of COVID-19 and British businesses are considering what happens next, it appears that social distancing and protecting ourselves against the further spread of this dreadful virus will be part of our lives for many month’s to come. 

According to a recently published BBC article, screens may play a critical role in helping businesses to get back to some kind of normality, enabling staff to return to the workplace whilst being protected and shielded by others to avoid a second spike. 

Coveya has already launched COV-Screen, a freestanding or countertop solution that it’s easy to install and which protects staff and customers from the spread of the virus.  With stock available and quick UK delivery, COV-Screen is the perfect solution for businesses that want to not only mitigate the spread of COVID-19 both now and in the future but also need an efficient and affordable screen protection solution.

We are doing all we can to help our customers and the wider business community to protect themselves and keep on moving throughout this period and well beyond so if you are looking for a screen that will help to protect the people that matter to you most, your staff, we can help.

For more information on COV-Screen click here or speak to a member of our sales team on 0800 919 9195. 


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