Biogen [Easikit 600]

Biogen [Easikit 600]

Biogen is the UK’s leading anaerobic digestion operator, providing a cost effective and sustainable food waste recycling service for local authorise and commercial organisations. Across their 14 anaerobic digestion plants and 3 composting sites around the UK, Biogen recycle half a million tonnes of organic waste each year. Through their processes, they produce nutrient rich biofertilizers and composts, which is used by farmers to help grow and maintain their crops. This creates a circular economy and sustainable environment.

Of course, this won’t be possible without the help of our conveyors. Coveya have been working with Biogen since 2018, when we supplied conveyors for handling challenging food waste materials.

We initially supplied Easikit mobile conveyors on hire, which we then replaced with a permanent fixed installation.

This installation consisted mainly of Easikit 600s conveyors with chevron vulcanised belts, to help transport the recyclable material more efficiently. These conveyors were also manufactured with 300mm high skirted stainless-steel hopper and full-length side guides. The conveyors are fed into a screw conveyor coming out from a sterilization system and loads the waste up and into a RORO skip, ready to be transported and recycled through the Biogen plant.

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