Landscaping: Cleaning and Expansion of a Private Lake, Surrey [EK 450]

Landscaping: Cleaning and Expansion of a Private Lake,  Surrey [EK 450]

The Coveya team were delighted to supply on hire, 18 x EK450’s totaling 98m in length of a unique project-based in Surrey to clean and expand a private lake.

Coveya carried out a free, no-obligation site visit to discuss and assess the project requirements.

The excavated material was wet pond-sludge and soil which had to be brought up to the front of the property. This involved carrying it over a large, sloping lawn, through the shrubbery, and over a wall onto a higher level where it could be discharged awaiting collection.

It was critical to protect the existing landscaping and with a 1-week lead-in time, the team had a tight window in order for the conveyors to be delivered, installed, for sufficient power to be supplied and for the project to be completed.  Coveya worked with Bristol-based Power Electrics to supply a 415v generator, complete with distribution board and adequate cabling to provide power to each conveyor along the route.

The conveyors were placed on polythene, meaning clear-up was quick and effective and by utilising conveyor belts meant there was no need for wheeled or tracked plant to repeatedly travel across the garden and damage the lawn.

There was little time for us to build conveyors on site, so we pre-built several portable conveyors in our workshops, delivering them so that they could be wheeled into position. This saved 2-3 days on-site and enabled the completion of the project on schedule.

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