Demolition: Listed Mill, Manchester [EK 600 & GP750]

Demolition: Listed Mill, Manchester [EK 600 & GP750]

Coveya supplies Northbank Demolition conveyor system solutions in Manchester project

Northbank Demolition removed the basement, ground floor and a further three floors and roof from the former listed mill leaving behind the four façade walls.  The mill also incorporated a lift shaft that passed through all the original floors.

The project took place in a number of stages starting with the stripping of all floors, removing  the roof and wood floor covering with ash fill.  One level was removed at a time.

With such a complex project within a constrained site, the Coveya EK600 and GP750 conveyor systems came into their own, enabling the removal of materials from the mill where there was a lack of lay down areas externally, with the demolition being carried out using small 1 ton demolition machines.

After an initial free site visit by Coveya, the team provided a clear list of items needed to fit the conveyors and after placing the order, we were on site within two days with all fitting work being carried out quickly and efficiently.  Our conveyor experts also provided training, remaining on site to ensure everything was working and performing as it should.

Coveya were able to position the conveyors through the façade retention scaffold and position the end directly over the skip. By doing this the project was completed far quicker (saving two weeks per floor) and it helped to dramatically reduce the need for manual labour.

The conveyor system was perfect for this demolition project especially as space was at a premium. It offered a cost and time saving and also supported stringent health and safety procedures. We were delighted to support this historic project and Coveya continue to work with Northbank Demolition on a number of Manchester based projects.

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