Lloyd & Gravell [Easikit 600]

Lloyd & Gravell [Easikit 600]

Coveya supports Lloyd and Gravell Ltd with conveyor belt system solution in demolition project

Coveya was contacted by Lloyd and Gravell Ltd requiring a conveyor system for their demolition project based in South Quay Regeneration, Pembroke.

The Internal demolition in the listed building was a very complex operation due to the limited knowledge of the construction and poor condition of the structure.

An initial free site survey was carried out to determine the best solution for their project.

The only disposal route for the demolition arisings was across uneven and slightly declining garden, over a retaining wall and then into a skip located in the carpark below.

Coveya supplied the Easikit 600 on hire to help resolve their issue.

The conveyor provided an efficient method of transporting the material across the site, significantly reducing labour and downtime on site.

The system also reduced health and safety risks as the operatives and plant where not having to traverse the uneven ground or tip over a retaining wall.

Lloyd and Gravell are extremely happy with the conveyor, with their site manager Stuart Williams saying “I definitely recommend Coveya to other companies and would use them ourselves again”.

Product Details – Easikit 600

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