Conveyors For Internal Strip-Out & Build

Conveyors For Internal Strip-Out & Build

With the Government looking to reallocate redundant commercial offices into affordable housing enabling more people to get onto the housing ladder, there is an increasing need for contractors and developers to think about how they can safely strip out premises so they can have a new lease of life [take a look at our article about change of use by clicking here].

Many of these buildings will be City centre and with passersby to protect, limited access, and a need to complete the strip out and redevelopment as quickly as possible there may be some head scratching as to how such a challenge is achievable…….but the answer is pretty simple.

Coveya conveyors offer a practical, flexible and safe solution to moving materials across site and where there is tight access, conveyors can ensure that materials can be moved, even at an incline, to a lorry so it can be taken away from site. 

Coveya conveyors can also offer site employees and operator safety by enabling hazardous materials to be bagged and removed, reducing the need for manual handling and where nonhazardous materials are being stripped out and moved off of site, there is less need for labour or wheeled plant equipment. Modular conveyors can also be configured according to what’s needed on site so from straight forward strip out projects with materials being dumped into trucks or skips to complex sites with real challenges, conveyors can offer a cost-effective solution that will see the site cleared ready for its configuration into residential accommodation and even then, conveyors can be used to get new materials on site.

We have a range of conveyors that are perfect for strip out projects and construction material movement – all of which are available for hire and purchase.  With a real need to consider costs, time, safety, and reliability, conveyors offer the best solution.

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