Handling solids through the water treatment process

Handling solids through the water treatment process

We’ve been working with water treatment customers for a long time and  we understand the industry well and how conveyors have an important part to play in the processing of wastewater.  So Coveya offers a range of conveyors that can handle the solids that emerge from water treatment and processing including; dewatered sludge, dried biosolids, and cake all of which can then be transferred into either skips or trailers, ready to be taken away.

Water Treatment Conveyor Systems

For the treatment of water solids, we offer three conveyors; the Easikit 600 which is capable of reaching longer distances, even at inclines of up to 35 degrees; the Easikit Radial which is built to order and is ideal for projects where a combination of radial slewing movements and variable discharge positions are required and the Easikit Mobile that offers a portable solution which is easy to move around site.  It has a hydraulic ram to achieve inclines of up to 17 degrees.

So if you operate or manage a water treatment site and you need to find quality, efficient and robust conveyors to support an increase in demand, improve your processing capability or simply replace what you have we can help. 

You can download the Coveya Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance brochure by clicking here or you can call us on 0800 915 9195.


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