How important is Biomass?

How important is Biomass?

Biomass may not be a term that readily springs to mind when you think about energy but what’s interesting is that biomass now provides in excess of 11% of the UK’s electricity according to the Renewable Energy Association (REA) and has the same output as four Sizewell B Nuclear power stations! 

The REA also claims that the burning of woods, crops and food waste generates significant emissions savings.  These savings equal the emissions made from 1.3 million cars per year on UK roads and bioenergy offers 96% of non-domestic renewable heat meeting 7.4% of the UK’s total energy needs.  It also expects biomass to replace £21 billion of fossil fuels over the coming years and the industry will see in excess of 46,000 people employed within it. 

Biomass does not depend on the weather and so its a reliable energy source which is now the second-biggest source of renewable electricity.  There is a real opportunity for it to provide up to 15% of the UK’s primary energy by 2050 and with 200 generators, suppliers, and contractors throughout the UK there is a robust supply chain that can make this goal a reality.

Conveyor Systems for Biomass & Composting Industries

Coveya already has a reputation for supplying conveyors that enable a variety of industries to process and handle materials efficiently and we have an extensive range of conveyors that are suited to the biomass and composting industries.  From Easikit 450 to the HC1000 Monstaveya™ we have a conveyor that will enable biomass and composting materials movement regardless of its size, location, or complexity of the site.

We also offer a free on-site visit, helping you to find the right conveyor so call us on 0800 915 9195 to find out more.

Biomass is part of the UK’s energy future and we are committed to helping biomass companies throughout the UK to improve and expand their  operation so we hope that together, we can reduce the need for fossil fuels and help the wider green agenda. 


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