So why should I hire a conveyor?

So why should I hire a conveyor?

If you are on a site and you have not considered a conveyor before, you don’t why you would want one or you just think they are a waste of time, read on. We hope we can change your mind so that you can see how conveyors are literally the way forward.

Conveyors are reliable and will rarely let you down.  They don’t need breaks, they don’t take a holiday and they are never sick unless they have not been well cared for. They can operate for as long as you need them, they are sustainable, safe, and they cannot answer back.  

They can reach inclines that others cannot.  They can cover space that might be tricky for others. They can handle all sorts of materials across a vast range of industries and applications.  They are modular and portable, giving you a flexible way of moving what you need to when you need to without taking up valuable time or costing you money you don’t need to spend.

Hiring a Conveyor to Maximise Productivity

A conveyor can move so much more than a human and although we would never want our conveyors to take away good jobs for good people, they can work alongside each other, maximising the output of your site, improving efficiency, safety, and in some cases reducing costs.

For construction, demolition, basement excavation, and other industries, larger conveyors can move significantly more material than site dumpers and so the cost of hiring a conveyor whether it’s for a short or long period can become cost positive pretty quickly!

So when you are faced with a site where you need to move materials from A to B and you want to make sure you find an efficient, continuous, reliable,  and cost-effective solution, think conveyor and then think Coveya!

For more information on our range of hire conveyors click here or you can download our hire brochure.  


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