Specialist conveyors for Reservoir maintenance

Specialist conveyors for Reservoir maintenance

Coveya has over the past 30 years, developed a reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of conveyor systems that support a variety of industries and applications throughout the UK and further afield. 

Our conveyors enable a number of critical industries to keep moving and with COVID-19 having such an impact on us all at the moment, our conveyors play an important role in maintaining and improving facilities that support the wider public and industry.

Conveyors for Reservoir Projects at Coveya

We have two conveyors that are specifically designed to help with reservoirdam and tideway projects.  The Invader 45 and Easikit 450 lead the way.  They are mobile, robust, powerful and modular, and can help with the removal or relocation of aggregate, spoil and sediment throughout a range of sites.  

Both conveyors are available for hire and purchase and our expert team already support reservoir projects throughout the UK, so they can advise you on the best conveyor for your project.  Call us on 0800 915 9195 to find out more or email sales@coveya.co.uk.

We are here to help you keep Britain moving. 


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