The impact of plastics recycling

The impact of plastics recycling

You may not know this but the vast majority of UK households throw away in excess of 40kg of plastic each year and as nation we use a staggering 7.7 million plastic bottles per year which is an average of 117 bottles per year, per person.  We also manufacture and use 500 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago and plastic consumption throughout Western Europe increases by 4% year on year.

So what does that mean for companies that need to recycle plastic?

In the future, there will be increased demand for recycling outlets throughout the UK and with a need to look at time and cost efficiencies, conveyors have an important part to play in moving recycling materials so that they can be sorted, moved, and processed.

With a commitment to dramatically increasing the amount of plastic recycling, reducing what’s taken to landfill and the need to recycle more plastics to create packaging and products that are in demand including bottles and even clothing, recycling centres across the land need to think about how best to prepare for their recycling future, putting in place conveyors to simplify and speed up the recycling process. 

We have a range of conveyors that support the recycling industry but our Easikit 600 and Easikit 900 conveyors are perfect for plastics movement and recycling.  We can also offer a bespoke conveyor solution for recycling centres that have specific requirements.  Whatever you need we can help and with many year’s experience of supplying the best conveyors to recycling and waste management customers, we can deliver what you need, when you need it most. 


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