What will the plastics tax mean to us?

What will the plastics tax mean to us?

Recycling has become part of our everyday lives and we should all play our part in making sure we recycle as much as possible but with a consistent and real threat to the environment and a need to recycle much more, the Government will be imposing, from April 2022, a ‘plastics tax’ that applies so plastic packaging produced in, or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. 

The tax is designed to offer a real incentive for plastics suppliers to use  recycled material and it’s hoped it will create a greater demand for recycled plastic, increasing the amount of plastic that is collected, processed and used again so that we can reduce the amount of plastic that’s unfortunately sent to landfill. 

So with increased recycling demand and legislation becoming law to change the way we use plastic material, how can conveyors support the recycling process? 

Conveyors offer a safe, sustainable, and flexible solution.  They help to efficiently move plastic waste ready for sorting, processing, and distribution across short and longer distances even where there is an incline, providing an efficient way to sort and transport plastic across bailing, picking, and other recycling plants. 

From the Easikit 450 which is the perfect solution for narrow spaces to the ‘swan neck‘ conveyor which has been specifically designed with the recycling industry in mind, conveyors offer the best material movement solution regardless of the size or complexity of a site. 

With UK households recycling around 48% of all waste and with an EU target of 50% there is pressure for all of us to play our part in recycling what we can.  For recycling plants throughout the UK, conveyors can help to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, extend and improve the recycling operation and with a range of conveyors available for hire or purchase and an expert design team that can create and manufacture a bespoke recycling conveyor solution, Coveya understand what’s needed to support recycling across the UK, offering conveyor solutions that are both fit for purpose now and well into the future. 

For more information about our range of conveyors for plastics and other recycling, click here or call us on 0800 915 9195.


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