Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance : Making light work of Reservoir Roof Maintenance [EK 450]

Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance : Making light work of Reservoir Roof Maintenance [EK 450]

Coveya supply a range of conveyor systems that are the perfect solution for reservoir maintenance projects where there may be weight restrictions or constrained access.  With their modular design, our conveyors efficiently move materials including stone,  where the roofs of covered reservoirs are being resealed.

Our conveyors safely move aggregates so that the work can be undertaken before the aggregate is moved back and with weight a real concern, our conveyors offer a practical solution where diggers or dumpers can’t be used.

The Easikit 450 conveyor used for reservoir maintenance project

The Easikit 450 conveyor is one of the best conveyors for reservoir maintenance projects.  We supply them either in 5 or 6m lengths and they run off a 110V generator.  Because of their modular design, they can happily ‘piggy-back’ across a reservoir roof with aggregate being removed by hand onto a conveyor so that it can be efficiently moved. The Easikit 450 can also be used in conjunction with an Easiwheel unit (a clip-on wheeled unit for Easikit 450, Invader 45, and Easikit 600 (on hire) conveyors), creating a stockpile to the side of the reservoir where the whole process can be repeated once the work has been completed.

We’ve worked with some great reservoir customers over the years on some interesting reservoir maintenance projects include; Anglian Water, Southern Water, Stonbury (Nottinghamshire Reservoir), Crich Reservoir & Sunnyside Reservoir.

Click here to take a look at a video from a reservoir roof maintenance project we supported in Bury for J N Bentley.

For more information on our range of conveyors for reservoir maintenance projects, call Ron Farr on 0800 915 9195 or email sales@coveya.co.uk.




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