Experts in heritage demolition

Experts in heritage demolition

Demolition Conveyors

Coveya has been working alongside demolition contractors for year’s supplying conveyors that help them to efficiently move materials across and from a demolition site.  But what’s interesting is that we’ve been part of a number of heritage demolition projects that have seen historic facades, some of which are listed, retained with demolition happening behind them.

With over 500,000 listed buildings throughout the UK, we are a nation that is passionate about heritage and with many buildings listed [especially those buildings before 1700, some buildings between 1700 and 1850 and a selective few built during the 20th century] it’s important to understand how they should be protected especially when they are part of a construction or demolition site that will give them a new lease of life. 

Only 2.5% of buildings are Grade I listed. Grade 11 & Grade 11* buildings make up the remaining 97.50% with the ‘standard’ Grade 11 listed building being mainly domestic properties. So how do conveyors help larger demolition sites face particular heritage challenges?

As we look back at some of the unique heritage demolition projects we’ve supported it’s easy to see how conveyors play an important part in retaining what’s needed alongside new construction in whichever form that takes.  From a listed mill in Manchester , listed building in the City of London that was converted into a luxury hotel or demolition of an existing mews buildings in Harley Street to make way for a groundbreaking clinic, our conveyors have enabled efficient material movement without compromising the history of a specific site.

With their modular design and the ability to move materials regardless of the size or complexity of the site, even when access is constrained conveyors offer the protection needed and the flexibility, power, and capability to move everything from asbestos to bulk materials.

They also enable the efficient movement of rubble and other materials from behind a facade to front access ready for it to be safely taken away without impacting pedestrians, offering a robust and powerful solution that can, in some cases, remove the need for time-consuming manual handling.

For any of you working on or looking to support demolition, excavation or construction projects that enable our architectural heritage to be retained and protected for future generations, we have a range of conveyors that will do just that and with conveyors available for hire and purchase, we will help you to support the heritage that means so much to all of us.

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